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Crimson Apple is an all-girl, pop-alt band of sisters from Hawaii, now based in Los Angeles, California. These girls are known for the tightness, presence, and energy of their powerful live performances, as well as their signature red and black attire. On September 18th, Crimson Apple released their long-awaited debut album, “Hello”.


“The Crimson Apple CD Release Party was an absolute clinic on how to execute a performance. I’ve finally become the older musician who gets to sit back, in assured hands that music will never be outdated and age doesn’t play a factor in the possession of raw talent. It was also reassuring that after that epic performance, and the last bits and pieces of the audience picked their jaws off the floor, that night wasn’t about their age or their gender, but just how amazing a band we’ve all just seen…”

-Lopaka Holmberg (Amanda Frazier Band)


The music included in the album has well-written and arranged instrumentation paired with hooky and meaningful lyrics. The title track, “Hello” is currently being featured in a commercial airing in Hawaii and across the internet, and has been airing on iHeartMedia station, Star 101.9. Additionally, Crimson Apple was nominated for Alternative Album of the Year, Most Promising Artist of the Year, and Group of the Year in the 2016 Na Hoku Hanohano Awards (Hawaii’s equivalent of the Grammy Awards).


I see big things in their future, plus you know I am the number one supporter of rocker girls from Hawai’i.”

-Erin Smith, Honolulu Pulse


The band features four sisters:


-COLBY BENSON (Lead vocals)


-SHELBY BENSON (Lead Guitar/Vocals)


-CARTHI BENSON (Bass/Vocals)




Colby and Shelby were originally members of “The Colby Benson Band”, but ended up losing a couple of their other band mates, leaving them without a bassist and drummer. In August 2012, the band went through a huge makeover when they added Carthi and Faith (the two youngest sisters)—and the band name was changed to Crimson Apple.


Awards include being the winners of the 2017 The FIFTH Anaheim Live Battle of the Bands, 2016 NOS Citrus Fair Battle of the Bands presented by Self Help, 2014 Star 101.9 Battle of the Bands, the 2013 Turtle Bay Annual Kanikapila Kontest, and the 2013 Koko Marina Band Challenge. Crimson Apple has also appeared on shows/bills with national artists such as Switchfoot, One Republic, and Will Champlain. Most recently, they’ve opened for All Time Low, The Green, and Hawaiian music legends, HAPA.


“I went to see them at a battle of the bands… and Leslie had to tell me three times to close my mouth cuz my jaw was open. I was so blown away by these girls… All original music, I mean it’s incredible to even think about it.”

-Barry Flanagan (HAPA)


After performing at numerous venues island-wide, gaining a strong social media following, and releasing their first album, the band relocated to California to pursue their music further.


The all-female rock outfit Crimson Apple has consistently showcased a brand of melody-driven pop rock island-wide since the group’s inception in 2012. Along with a significant subscriber base on YouTube, these Mililani girls have played countless venues and continue to generate buzz both on and off the web.”

-Evan Morgan, INh Magazine


The release of Crimson Apple’s debut album, “Hello”, has generated a buzz of momentum that has opened up many new opportunities for the band. They are currently planning for their first tour and are already looking forward to releasing their next single in 2017.

Colby Benson (Lead Vocals/Keys/Keytar)

Colby Benson

Lead Vocal

CrimsonAppleLogo_Heart_Final_RGB ALL TRANSPARENT BG

Shelby Benson

Guitar / Vocals

CrimsonAppleLogo_Heart_Final_RGB ALL TRANSPARENT BG

Shelby Benson (Rhythm Guitar, Lead Guitar, Vocals)
Carthi Benson (Bass, Vocals)


Carthi Benson

Bass / Vocals


CrimsonAppleLogo_Heart_Final_RGB ALL TRANSPARENT BG 


Faith Benson



CrimsonAppleLogo_Heart_Final_RGB ALL TRANSPARENT BG

Endorsed by TRX Cymbals, Cympad, &

Faith Benson (Drums)

The Band